I don't like Summers. I hate the heat, I don't like the beach, and FRANKLY I am not a fan of bugs. Some people go through a seasonal depression in the Winter but for me, my seasonal depression is in the Summer. Good thing I live in Southern California, right? I had a perfectly grumpy Summer that I thoroughly did NOT enjoy but there we a few really amazing things that actually DID happen over the three months of pure Hellfire. 

Got a kiddie pool for my dogs!
I have been dying to do this for awhile because seeing other dogs playing in them was giving me major jealousy. I wanted my dogs to have that kind of fun too! My mother-in-law got one for her backyard and even though my dogs were pretty iffy about it, it was still really cute and worth it.

Went to the dog park!
My little brother's birthday was a DOG PARTY (I know, super cool!) and Nessie, the little Husky, got to come! She had so much fun and got to play with a whole family of Labs. There was even a lake she got to dip her toes in. 

At the Glendale Galleria Mall there is this amazing virtual reality experience called The Void. It was UNBELIEVABLE. We did The Star Wars one for my husbands birthday and we already want to go back for their Ghostbusters one.

We also saw Mission Impossible and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in theaters, I cooked an amazing authentic Spanish meal, and I ate way too much ice cream!

So long Summer! I hope you never come back!


Photo Booth at the movie theater
Dog park