West Coast Best Coast Roadtrip

Jarrett and I never got to go on a honeymoon. Our wedding was very low key, much to our liking, and with all the planning of getting married in the Redwoods National Forest we just didn't have the money or time for a honeymoon. Luckily, we got money as a wedding gift (who doesn't like getting money?) and were able to book our dream Pacific Northwest roadtrip. We are the type of people who like to order a bunch of appetizers instead of just a main course, we are people who like to try many things. A long roadtrip with many stops was exactly our cup of tea.

We flew up to Seattle and rented a car to drive back down, stopping at some of the most amazing places we had ever seen and some of the weirdest. We went to the MOPOP museum in Seattle, the Peculiarium in Portland, the Oregon Vortex where we got to see physics defied, the exact spot we got married, a weird diner with Emus, the Bigfoot motel, the best pizza in the middle of nowhere, and we got to see so many whales in Monterey. It was some of the best days of my life and I only wish I could go back.

Maybe soon.

BuJo Tools Pt. 1

I still have much to learn, I haven't tried everything, and this is all based on my personal preference but the following is all my favorite supplies I am currently using for my Bullet Journal.

Lemome Notebook is by far my favorite notebook I have ever used. It is only around 10 bucks normally on Amazon (about half the fancier notebooks) and the paper is so nice and thick. Ghosting is almost a non-issuse. Has everything standard you would want in a Bujo like a pen loop, back pocket, stretchy band... etc. I will keep ordering it even though it doesn't have very interesting covers. What are stickers and shit for anyway, right?

Yoobi Pencil Case  has a ton of pencil case options that I love. They are easily portable, you can find them at Target, and every purchase with Yoobi helps schools. Sounds like a good thing all around to me.

Jayden Apple Stencils are the best. I have a few other stencils but I really don't need any other ones than these since they have rulers and stuff built in. I do everything pretty custom though so I am not much of a person that needs stencils extensively. Also, it came with a little felt case!

I found these silly little pencil cases on Aliexpress (any crafter or bullet journal-er should have this app, it's the best.) They aren't too big but I keep some washi, scissors, glue, and stickers in here. I mostly like how they look.

More supply posts in the future to come!

Summer Bummers

I don't like Summers. I hate the heat, I don't like the beach, and FRANKLY I am not a fan of bugs. Some people go through a seasonal depression in the Winter but for me, my seasonal depression is in the Summer. Good thing I live in Southern California, right? I had a perfectly grumpy Summer that I thoroughly did NOT enjoy but there we a few really amazing things that actually DID happen over the three months of pure Hellfire. 

Got a kiddie pool for my dogs!
I have been dying to do this for awhile because seeing other dogs playing in them was giving me major jealousy. I wanted my dogs to have that kind of fun too! My mother-in-law got one for her backyard and even though my dogs were pretty iffy about it, it was still really cute and worth it.

Went to the dog park!
My little brother's birthday was a DOG PARTY (I know, super cool!) and Nessie, the little Husky, got to come! She had so much fun and got to play with a whole family of Labs. There was even a lake she got to dip her toes in. 

At the Glendale Galleria Mall there is this amazing virtual reality experience called The Void. It was UNBELIEVABLE. We did The Star Wars one for my husbands birthday and we already want to go back for their Ghostbusters one.

We also saw Mission Impossible and Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom in theaters, I cooked an amazing authentic Spanish meal, and I ate way too much ice cream!

So long Summer! I hope you never come back!


Photo Booth at the movie theater
Dog park

There Once Was A Girl Who Had A Little Curl

My entire life whenever someone has asked me "What's your favorite thing about yourself?" I have never hesitated to answer...
My hair
Ever since I was a tiny babe I have had a huge mane of curly hair. Just curls upon curls. My hair was so curly my parents constantly struggled with it. My mom had a massive collection of detangling sprays and carried around a special comb for curly hair in her purse. There is even actual audio recording of me crying while my dad brushed my hair when I was six years old because it was just so impossibly thick and curly. I eventually just stopped brushing it when it became my own chore to which my dad just would scoff and respond "RATS NEST"

My grandma used to always tell me this little poem in her sing song voice while she buttered and rolled my bread crusts (BECAUSE CRUSTS MAKE YOUR HAIR CURL as she always told me since I would otherwise refuse to  eat them.)
There once was a girl
Who had a little curl
Right in the middle of her forhead
and when she was good, she was very very good
but when she was bad, she was HORRID
Then her and my mother would laugh because it was just so true about me. I just liked that it was about my curls and not how I was a horrid little monster.
When I got into middle school I started getting bullied. Kids called me "Carrot Top" (I had strawberry blonde, curly hair and since kids made fun of me for being PALE I tried to use self tanner which just made me turn orange. Hence.... Carrot Top) They even drew cartoons of me as a carrot. This was the first time I was ever self conscious about my hair. I tried to straighten it for the rest of middle school but I realized how my love for my hair was stronger than some stupid kids.
My hair has been many different lengths and MANY different colors but always, always it has been curly. With this much hair it can tend to look pretty... messy. Especially since my hair can't be brushed. It may look like it doesn't take a lot of effort but my hair takes HOURS to do. I am not shitting you, my hair takes around 6 hours to fully dry. If I ever tell you I can't hang out because I need to wash my hair, I am not joking. The most frustrating thing? It dries different every single time. So my curls will never, ever look the same. It's a crap shoot on if the 6 hours of drying is even going to turn up good results. But it's worth it. I wouldn't exchange my curls for anything in the world.
Now that I am a full fledged adult I have learned how to properly take care of my hair. I don't just spray it full of detangler and pray for the best. I have a very specific routine that I follow religiously and my hair has never been healthier or had better curls. Except for when I was little, why was my hair SO BEAUTIFUL when I was little for no reason???
Deep Condition and leave-in for 1-2 hours with  Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Cleanse roots and massage scalp with  DevaCurl Buildup Buster
Cleanse hair with  DevaCurl No-Poo Decadence Milk Cleanser while finger combing
(After rinsing it all out I leave two pumps in and soak my hair with water)
Leave-In  DevaCurl Leave-In Decadence  (Rake in upside down)
Gel  Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel (Rake In upside down)
Plop for 15 minutes and then air dry to 100%
Scrunch out the crunch with  Shea Moisture 100% Pure Argan Oil