I am not good at growing things. I have never in my entire life been good at growing things. My mother has never been good at growing things. I guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. What is funny though is that my grandmother is amazing at growing Orchids. She probably has at least twenty at a time, all with little butterfly clips and a specific blooming cycle she has memorized. My mom and I however, we kill everything that comes in our path. Even when I was a kid I was in charge of watering the plants as one of my chores. Those plants were always dead, no matter what I did. I really don't know why my parents kept letting me water those plants. 
As an adult human I reattempted growing a few times, always with terrible results. I would keep the dead plant around far longer than I should have in hopes that maybe it would spontaneously come back to life and be like, "Just kidding Alysa! You are great at this!" but that never happened. I even killed cacti. Pretty quickly too, they didn't even TRY to live. It's as if they didn't want me to succeed.
For Valentines day my dear, sweet husband bought me a succulent pot since he knows I constantly eye succulents, wanting so badly to grow them. So now with a cute little pot I though "Why not? Let's try this again."
So far... I am not murdering them! They seem to be doing pretty well! (I don't want to jinx it though, they could die any second just to spite me) I even bought more pots and more succulents! So far I have four adorable pots and eight succulents. The Golden Girls, King Ghidorah, Rigby, and Mordecai. All still alive. I want so badly to be at least okay at this! I don't have to be a plant goddess but having my cute, little succulents makes me so happy. They bring a tiny bit of brightness to my life. (Oh my god, that's so damn cheesy, calm down Alysa, they are JUST plants.)
Seriously though, I'm really loving them. It's a lot of fun to not murder them.