I am obsessed with skin care. I rarely wear make-up but I wear INSANE amounts of skin care products. Tell me about a new serum that helps hormonal acne and makes your skin not a flaky mess, I don't care if it's fifty bucks, I'll buy it on my phone while you're still talking. I am extremely self conscious about my skin, especially the last few months. I had an IUD inserted back in December and, to say the least, it did NOT jive well with my systems. I never had hormonal cystic acne and all of a sudden, the lower half of my face was a battlefield. Now in my mid-twenties I was barely getting break outs at all! Now I am back to high school level bullshit. After three months of pain and war with my face, I had them remove the IUD. 
I am still struggling with my face though. It is STILL recovering. I hope I didn't permanently give myself worse acne like a god damn idiot.
Anyway, I now do anything and everything I can to take care of my face. I used to just wash my face at night, now it's a morning and night routine. With at least 5 products, if not more. Right now my obsessions are Dermalogica, Fresh, and Drunk Elephant. (Drunk Elephant is always number one though) I still cherish my old favorites like Glossier and Mario Badescu but I rarely divert from a solid routine once I find something that is working.

Morning Products:
Morning Routine

Bathroom sink nightmare
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