In April we did something that we have been dying to do since we moved to Washington. We got chickens! On April first, we picked up our chicks and over the last couple of months it has been amazing to watch them grow into full-fledged hens. Their names are Ripley and Scully because we love ourselves some strong female sci-fi characters. I really couldn't imagine our life without them now. They bring so much joy to our house, even though they WON'T LAY ANY EGGS YET. Lazy chickens. One thing that has been a challenge for sure is acclimating our Husky to the situation. She reaaaaally wants to chase them and I reaaaally don't want her to. But she gets better about interacting with them all the time. She is almost defensive of them now. It's pretty cute. 

Please enjoy the following photos of our babies growing up!