Last December I decided to try out having an IUD as my form of birth control because it just seemed so convenient and well... the country seems hell-bent on controlling women's bodies so I thought "Let's put something a little more permanent up there, shall we?"

Turns out, bad idea. My body fucking HATED the Mirena IUD. 

First of all, it was massively painful to put in. I already have the whole painful bladder disease in that area that didn't help but also my doctor had trouble placing my IUD for 30 minutes.


Please, set a timer, lay down and stare at the ceiling, and stab yourself with a knife in your uterus for thirty minutes. Welcome to womanhood.

Anyway, after the implementation of my no-baby device, the horrors truly began. For the first time in my entire life, I had been blessed with cystic acne. After years of just normal shitty breakouts, my entire lower jaw was swollen in painful cysts. I was miserable. I had no idea how to deal. I was embarrassed to even go outside. After 2 months of this, the IUD started messing with my mood swings and then it was officially bye-bye Mirena.

So, now to deal with the aftermath of my hormone fuck fest. It took me almost a year to get my face pretty much back to normal. I still have issues and my scars are almost gone but it's a thousand percent better than the beginning of this year.

I know that hormonal acne can mess with a lot of women in their twenties. Especially because we have to jump around birth controls. So below I have some of the products that helped me recover my face from this tragedy. Hopefully, they might bring you some peace as well. The masks I use as needed. 10 minute is when I feel super breaky out-ee. The charcoal one is a good deep clean in your pores. With the tea tree oil, this is amazing at putting on the acne itself but be super careful, not everyone's skin is friendly to it and be CAREFUL with it around animals!!! Finally, the holy grail, the spot treatment from Origins. I love this SO MUCH. I have never found a spot treatment that has worked as well, as fast, and as effectively. It also doesn't super dry out and ruin your skin.