I want to do better for myself. With the last half a year of insane over time I have been putting myself through with the wedding, the holidays, getting used to a new job... I have severely neglected myself. As of recent I have succumbed to severe dissatisfaction with my looks, my health, my weight, and my life in general. I may have very high standards for myself but I enjoy trying to live up to those.

I don't believe in New Years resolutions because they always get broken. To attempt to refurbish my life I instead made a "New Years To-Do list" (kinda the same but whatever, this is my way hahah)


  1. Yoga every night at 11:30PM: I feel like this will really help me to become a healthier, more relaxed person. I am already trying to replace my anxiety medication through other methods like CBD, a weighted blanket, and exercise. I think stepping away from the screens and relaxing right before bed with some nice music would really help.
  2. Green Tea smoothie in the morning: I have a pretty dope recipe for this that involves no added sugar and home brewed tea (yay, no citric acid for my bladder!) This is just a great healthy start to the day!
  3. Healthy lunch every day, balanced: For a long time I have skipped lunch or just scrounged from the snacks in the office. It has been less than healthy. I need to focus on bringing at least a small something to eat every day to keep me healthy and satisfied till dinner. I mention balanced so I include more than just one food group!
  4. Cook healthy dinners: It's pretty easy to just eat out all the time or to just throw something unhealthy together to get it over with. This isn't going to fly anymore. It makes me feel like shit and my body needs more than french fries, sorry 'bout it.
  5. Muay Thai 2x a week: Muay Thai has been INSANELY beneficial for me. Not just for my mental health but for me physically too. I love doing it and it makes me feel great. This needs to be something I keep up with and don't just make excuses to get out of so I can watch 2 more hours of television.
  6. Read every day: I used to read a book a week. It was one of my favorite past times. Now I have a pile of unread books up to my hip and it makes me really upset. I want to get back into it. It brought me so much joy and I'm neglecting it to just be lazy.
  7. Write at least once a week: I haven't finished a book in over a year. I self-published one and then got massive writers block. I have 2 books in the works but they barely have 10 pages each. I need to get back into it. Once again, stop being lazy!
  8. Lift weights: This kinda goes along with Muay Thai. I have TERRIBLE muscle strength and I need to build it back up.
  9. Work on Wormhole Labs: This is crazy important to me. This is my husband's and my new business and I want to really get it off the ground this year. It's my dream to work for myself and to include my husband in it makes me so happy!
  10. Write in blog 3x a week: I need to stop ignoring this blog. Writing here about my life and thoughts makes me feel better. Why ignore something that makes me feel good?
  11. Make a better budget and start saving: After the wedding and Christmas I am CLEANED OUT. I need to get back on track and redo my budget. Then it's time to save and pay off all those debts.
  12. Get a better skin care routine: I am iway self conscious about my skin and want to really work on finding the right products for the mess of a face I have.
  13. Keep up with planner: Having a planner all filled out brings me much joy. It's calming and I find joy in it. Also my husband will tease me mercilessly if I spend a bunch of money on it and never do it! This is also another step towards being crazy organized.
  14. Stop SMOKING FOR THE LOVE OF GOD: I actually am on me 3rd day of quitting! Wish me luck!

I really hope I can kick this years ass. I have a lot more than this list that I want to accomplish but this is always a good place to start!